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Open documents from untrustworthy websites or users without fear of getting hacked.
We empower you to live dangerously without ever being in danger.


How it works?



Upload to File Viewer

Received a suspicious document? Fret not! Just upload it to our Disposable File Viewer, sit back, and relax.



View Files Safely

Safely view documents without any risk to your computer. Our Disposable File Viewer securely displays everything from the cloud, making sure no malware can harm your system.



Delete Contents of Session

All done? Once you terminate the session, our Disposable File Viewer ensures complete security and privacy by permanently and irrecoverably destroying everything within it, including your document.

Powered by SquareX


The current generation of endpoint security products, such as Anti-Virus/Malware/Spyware, operate on a probabilistic model. They rely on signature databases and various heuristics to determine whether a file possesses malicious intent. Unfortunately, it has become evident that this approach is not effective. The inconsistency among security products, with each offering differing opinions on whether something is malicious, only adds to the confusion.

Unlike our counterparts, we at SquareX take a deterministic approach to security, by offering a solution that stands out from the rest. Malware.rip is a free community website powered by SquareX's isolation technology with which users can now fearlessly view any document, even those infected by malware, without the worry of becoming compromised. By creating Disposable File Viewers in the cloud and projecting them back to the user's browser, the entire process seamlessly protects the user. Even if a file contains malware, it poses no harm to the user's computer, as it is opened within our secure cloud service. Now, you can experience the thrill of living dangerously without ever endangering yourself!

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